A backdrop is a piece of cloth used to decorate a party scene

The use of background is indispensable to the party scene builder. Here are some advantages of the party background

Advantages of backdrop
1. Emphasize the theme

When hosting a party, the party scene layout impresses the guests the most. A backdrop that matches the party theme can make your party more atmosphere.

2. Hide imperfection

The backdrop has a large area, which can well hide the imperfections of the party venue, such as blank walls, and imperfect corners

3. Variety of styles

The backdrop gives you the freedom to create your dream scene in the style and color you want.

With a wide range of shades and materials, you can choose any style you want, such as red carpet events, you can choose a shiny shimmer wall to create sparkling scenes, gender reveal parties, you can select pink themed or blue themed backdrop, revealed to the client at the last minute.

1. Cotton

Computer painted on a wrinkle-resistant fabric that is both washer and dryer safe. It can be reused many times, definitely a good choice for event planners.

This material is very soft and not reflective. It is especially suitable for people who like to take photos at parties.

This backdrop can also be folded. It is very convenient to use iron to remove creases and will not damage the backdrop.

2. Vinyl

It has a very smooth surface for the best printing results.

High Resolution and Quality, Seamless, Durable.

Lightweight. No reflective, Easy to carry.

Clean & Store
1. Store them in a Clean and Dry Place

storage needs to avoid humid environments, as backdrops stored in humid environments can absorb moisture, causing the material to wrinkle and bacterial growth to completely destroy the surface of the background.

Also, sunlight can fade the backdrop, which requires checking the room temperature and not letting the backdrop be squeezed by any external force.

2. Tips for clean

1. For cotton material, is safe to wash. Not cleaning for a long time can lead to stubborn stains and even mildew on the backdrop. Never use strong bleach, this may damage them.

2. For vinyl material, be careful not to wash it . Stained areas can be treated with a slight sponge.

3. Get Wrinkles Out of Backdrops

Due to facilitate transport and packaging, the backdrop will be folded to send. It will lead to creases.

The recovery method is as follows:

1. Can use iron. Gently iron from the back, pressing the back.

2. Use a spray bottle filled with cold water to spray the wrinkles until they get wet. Spray water will smooth out wrinkles or roll them up tightly with a cylinder, and wait for 3-4 days.

How to Hang a Background
1. Pocket

Like the picture, our background can be a pocket for hanging. It should be noted that the pocket needs to be noted when placing the order . The default is no pocket

2. Clip

If your background forgot to make a note as a pocket, don't worry, you can also use the background clip to fix it.

3. Grommet

Our background can also be hung with grommets, and also need to be remarked, the hooks in the picture are not included.


All our backdrop sizes are wide x High. The first number is Width and the second one is Height. We offer any size backdrops, even your custom backdrops . There is no limit to the size range , but only a few of the common dimensions are shown on the site, ranging from 3ft wide all the way to 20ft wide.

The size of 7×5FT is recommended for children’s parties. 8×8FT, 10×10FT is recommended for adult parties.

How to order a custom backdrop

1. choose the size and material of your custom and add it to the cart.

2. You can then leave a note about your names, dates, colors, and other custom ideas you would like.

3. You can also upload your work or your idea about how to change the picture by email at Please submit high-resolution files at 300 dpi. Please also leave a note if you would like to print the artwork directly.

4. Pay for your order. After payment, our professional designers design your idea for you. And then send the proof to you to confirm if it can be produced.

We will not start producing your backdrop until your proof is approved, so don't forget to check out our emails!

Once we get your approval, the printing process will begin. Cancellation or return is not allowed for customer orders.

About Shipping

The shipping cost depends on your order's price, destination, and shipping method. Usually, the shipping Charge is $11-25 per package.

Economic Express: $11 (will take 10-15 days)Fast Express: $25(will take 4-6 days) Please choose the right express delivery according to your needs.

Free shipping for orders over $100

What related products do you need to prepare for the party?

Invitations, decorations, balloons, party favors, tableware, baking supplies, candy, etc.

Usage occasions

Wedding celebrations, gender reveal parties, birthday parties, official launches, major exhibitions, etc

Two common stents are described

Photographic background frame

Size 6 x6ft, x10ft, 8 x10ft, 9 x10ft, 10 x10ft . Our stent size is wide x width . The first number is high, the second is height

Material: aluminum alloy , ABS

Features: Durable, Stable, Lightweight, Write, Easy to Assemble and Store, Telescopic crossbar section can be extended or folded to your desired length.

ABS base for added stability.

Included: One Carrying Bag, Two Support Stands, Four Cross Bars

Round Stand

Usage occasion

Can be used to create the most glamorous wedding arch door arch balloon arch or floral arch backdrops, or even quirky geometric displays

Size: 5 ft~8 ft for choice, exterior painted, not easy to rust!

Durable, corrosion-resistant, long-term use, easy to assemble and disassemble.

Product contains:

5 arched iron pipes

2 bracket bases and nuts for fixing

For the round backdrop, as shown, the elastic band is specially made to hold it on the round background holder.

How to customize the background on the stand

1. Select the size and material to add to the cart

2. You can then leave a message about the name, date, color, and any other patterns you want to add to the background cloth

You can also upload your image or ideas on how to change the image via email at Please submit a high-resolution file at 300dpi If you would like to print your image directly, please also leave a note

After payment, our professional designer designs the image for you and then sends the sample image to you to confirm whether it can be produced. We will not start making your background until we have obtained your permission, so don't forget to check our email!

Once we have your approval, the printing process will begin and customer orders are not allowed to be canceled or returned

How to assemble and store

assemble according to the number on the pipe one by one splice store The parts are arranged according to the size of the bag, can be very easy to carry, and save

Buyer's rendering of stand set
Balloon Guide

Whatever the occasion, balloons are a quintessential party decoration and can add some excitement to every event. There are so many different types and ways of using balloons that choosing the right one can be overwhelming. Fear not, this guide will cover the basics you need to get started!

Color of balloon

Click on this link to choose your desired color


Type of balloon

Latex or aluminum foil? Both types of balloons are great options and can be combined using balloons of different sizes, colors, and textures. Here's how they differ:

1. Latex Balloons:

Made of 100% pure natural latex

Sizes range from 5 - 36 inches

Available in a variety of colors, finishes, and shapes

Compatible with air and helium

2. Aluminum foil balloon:

Can be reused

Made from a mix of nylon, aluminum, and laminated polyethylene

Sizes range from 4 - 32 inches

Available in a variety of colors, finishes, and shapes

Compatible with air and helium

Balloon decoration

Here are 3 popular balloon decorations to take your party to new heights:

1. Balloon Bouquet A classic balloon decoration that never disappoints is the Balloon Bouquet, the easiest way to add a festive touch to any party. Bring your subject to life instantly by mixing latex or foil balloons in your arrangement. There are many different design options depending on the space you want to decorate.

2. Balloon column? Eye-catching balloon columns are a great way to display these balloon columns at entrances or alongside walls and hallways in large venues.

3. Balloon Garland Balloon garlands are a darling of the party world and can be hung on the wall to create a decorative backdrop or displayed in the center of a table.

Tip: Inflate or assemble the balloon a day in advance to save time building the balloon scene

Shimmer wall
Material: Pet+PV, durable & stable

Many Colors Available: There are many colors for you to choose from

Most people like gold, silver, and other regular colors. You can also choose other colors to innovate your party

Gold and silver:

Other colors:


Each size:30x30cm

Lightweight, easy to carry & store. (75g/pc)

Material: Pet+PV, durable & stable

Affordable price and best quality

All kinds of colors are available

Usage occasions

Suitable for multiple events: wedding/birthday/baby shower and theme party decorations

How to assemble

It's easy to connect with each other, and check our pictures.

How to Store

Remove and stack each piece and be careful not to place it in a humid environment

Party Decor
Fringed Curtain

Metallic design:the beautiful tinsel backdrops are made from aluminum foil with shiny luster, durable and reusable, and can easily brighten up the party and help to cheer up the atmosphere .

Beautiful decoration: the foil tinsel backdrops are good for serving as party decorations, photography curtains, and so on, allowing you to take charming or interesting photos with family or friends

Applicable scenes: the foil fringe curtains party decorations are wonderful decorations for various themed parties such as Christmas parties, birthday parties, and wedding parties. They are also suitable for ceremonies, stage backgrounds, discos, baby showers, bridal shows, etc.

Easy installation: tear off the double-sided adhesive tape at the backside, then paste the fringe curtain on the top of the wall or door, simple steps that take little time

Ample quantity: the package contains 2 pieces of foil fringe curtains, size per piece: 100x200cm

Christmas tree

Material: PET environmental protection material

Professional design: branches have a strong sense of shape Reinforce the base with iron

1. Easy to assemble
2. Decorative ornaments

•     Material: PEVA

•     Quality: Heavy Duty, Waterproof tablecloth, for every party or event

•     GREAT FOR: Thanksgiving Christmas Wedding Anniversary Baby Shower Birthday party

•     MULTIPLE USES: Hang them up on doors or walls to use as decorative backdrops or put them across the room as banners for an even better-themed party! Feel free to pair them with other themed tablecloths for a mix-and-match party!