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    Mocsicka Dark Purple Flowers Halloween A Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Party Backdrop

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    Product description

    Free custom your personlized bckdrop

    We provide free customization service, please click the link, upload your picture, or contact us by email.

    Material Comparison
    Our polyester backdrops are available in various sizes, and the patterns are computer-printed in high-definition, which is clear and realistic. It is very durable and perfect for indoor and outdoor use.
    Lightweight and can be easily hung on the stand with clips.
    Cotton is better quality than polyester and can be used over and over for a long time.
    Our cotton backdrops are computer coated on a wrinkle resistant fabric and are washer and dryer safe.
    Easy to store in a dry place and reusable.
    Thicker and softer than polyester.
    Non-reflective, suitable for various indoor and outdoor party decorations.
    How To Hang?
    (1) All our backdrops are available in a single, seamless piece. To make hanging your backdrop a breeze, we include a 8cm top pole pocket. This feature ensures convenient installation and hassle-free setup.
    (2) Our backdrops are compatible with a variety of hanging methods. You can use a grommet, which fits perfectly on a ceiling command hook, or just use a piece of string to tie it securely.
    (3) For wall mounting, you can use tape to stick the backdrop securely in place.
    Get Wrinkles Out of Backdrops
    Due to facilitate transport and package, the backdrop will be folded to send, It will lead to the creases.
    Recovery method as follows:
    (1) Can use the iron, Gently ironing from the back, pressing the back.
    (2) Can be washed and then hung vertically to dry.
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    Mocsicka Dark Purple Flowers Halloween A Baby is Brewing Baby Shower Party Backdrop