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    Mocsicka Party Milk Yarn Chair Cover

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    • Cotton
    • Back decoration: Milk yarn material, comfortable and natural, not easy to fade, color and color, after many washings, the color is still new.
    • Compared with ordinary cotton products, water absorption is poor in water absorption and it is not easy to leave stains.
    • It is not easy to shrink, and the shrinkage rate after washing is extremely small, and the original texture weaving of the fabric can be maintained.
    • Firm, wear-resistant and durable; firm fiber is not easy to wear, still maintain a certain quality and thickness after washing for hundreds of times; it will not pilling and de-fibering when washing; it is 5 times of the life of ordinary cotton.
    • [Scope of application] hotels, restaurants, wedding banquets, all kinds of parties, dinners, conferences, celebrations, ceremonies, family restaurant decoration, etc. . More romantic, elegant, noble, comfortable and warm.

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    Mocsicka Party Milk Yarn Chair Cover